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I work closely with local schools to encourage the use of exercise to promote health, well-being and push forward physical health within education.

I provide this in a workshop style, focusing on education through mental health and physical activity sessions displaying how the two interlink. These workshops  can be tailored towards school preference. 

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In my events, I passionately emphasize the significance of fitness and mental health, recognizing their interdependent nature. By highlighting the benefits of physical exercise, I emphasize the positive impact it can have on young people's mental well-being. Through engaging presentations, workshops, and interactive activities, I raise awareness among students about the vital role that fitness plays in maintaining a healthy mind. I inspire them to incorporate regular exercise routines into their lives, helping them to develop resilience, manage stress, and improve their overall mental state.

One of the key messages I convey in my events is how exercise can save lives. I present compelling examples and real-life stories that demonstrate the life-saving potential of physical activity. Whether it's preventing chronic diseases, improving cardiovascular health, or reducing the risk of mental health disorders, I underscore how regular exercise can significantly enhance longevity and overall well-being.

In my events, I introduce exercises that test students' resilience, both physically and mentally. Through various interactive activities, I encourage students to step out of their comfort zones and push their limits, building strength and mental fortitude. These exercises might involve teamwork, problem-solving, or physical challenges, fostering perseverance and adaptability. By engaging in these resilience-building activities, students gain practical experience in overcoming obstacles and learn valuable skills that they can apply to various aspects of their lives.

Furthermore, I incorporate exercises that are not only physically stimulating but also thought-provoking. By combining physical movement with cognitive engagement, I promote holistic development. By integrating mental and physical components, I encourage students to connect their minds and bodies, fostering a greater sense of self-awareness and promoting overall well-being.

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My events in schools centred around fitness and mental health serve as catalysts for positive change. Through my personal journey, informative presentations, and engaging exercises, I inspire students to prioritize their physical and mental well-being. By emphasizing the life-saving potential of exercise and providing statistical evidence, I empower them to make informed choices.

Through resilience-building and thought-stimulating activities, I equip them with the tools to navigate challenges and lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Sound good?

Let's get to work.

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