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Hear what our clients have to say about their experience working with us: from outstanding results achieved to the seamless communication and support they received throughout the process.



I have been training with Alex since the Summer of 2021. I met him through mutual friends.

Me and my friends were going on holiday and we asked him if he’d help train us, once a week, to help with those beach bodies - what a way we have come since then. The group has evolved into far more than that and is a fabulous way for us ‘women of a certain age ‘to look after our fitness and wellbeing. Alex structures the sessions to fit around us and what is best for our bodies. He is fun but firm, ensuring we get the most out of each workout, but within a remit of what we are capable of. Exercise is an important part of my daily routine and, away from the group, I can always count of Alex for advice and support with all aspects of my fitness and nutrition. He is focused and committed in ensuring all of us give our best each week, but also knowledge and understanding of when we might just not be able to. I highly recommend Alex and his Menopausal Marine sessions 😊

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I have been working out for a number of years but started training with Alex 6 months ago. Training with Alex has completely changed my perspective on how I view fitness and why I love it. Admittedly I used to train solely for body image; however, Alex has opened my eyes to the various benefits of exercise, particularly the effect it can have on my mental well-being.


I now train because I want to be stronger, healthier, happier and hit physical goals. Alex made me feel so comfortable and I never ever feel silly trying out new exercises or letting him know what I do and don’t want to do in our sessions. I’m so grateful I’ve found Alex to train me and couldn’t recommend him enough!!

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I have been attending Alex’s sessions, on a weekly basis, for the last couple of years. They help keep me fit and provide the opportunity for regular exercise.


During that time, I had to have surgery on both wrists which means I am unable to do some of the group exercises. Alex is aware of this and has been flexible and understanding, using his knowledge to adapt certain things so I am still able to join in.


I really enjoy Alex’s sessions and would definitely recommend him as a PT.

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I've been having sessions with Alex every few weeks focusing mainly on high-intensity cardio, strength exercises and callisthenics. He's taught me many new exercises and perfected my technique to enhance my workouts/performance. He has supported me in achieving my fitness goals and regulated training to suit my preferences.


I was unsure about starting PT sessions but Alex is incredible and ticks all the boxes for a great personal trainer. If you want results and to enjoy physical exercise Alex is your guy, can't recommend him enough.

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I have always been a lover of working out but I haven’t done so for about a year before starting with Alex a few months back. Training with Alex has given me my love for fitness back again. My goal was to be stronger and healthier and I was very nervous about where to start. Alex made me feel so comfortable from the very first session and has changed my views on fitness as admittedly I only thought it would make me look good; I forgot how much it can improve your mental well-being too. Alex creates each workout session depending on what my body needs that week and I’ve never felt worried to look silly trying new things. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone at any level of fitness.

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